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RDP Solutions, LLC.
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Ralph and Natalie Dipiero

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Sales And Marketing Consulting Services

RDP Solutions LLC. is a full services sales and marketing business development services consulting company.

Ralph Dipiero and Natalie Dipiero are sales and marketing consultants based in Carlsbad, California.

We have extensive experience working with businesses in Southern California and Arizona. We can help any company, anywhere, increase sales.

Through our company, RDP Solutions, LLC., we offer business start up, development and growth services. Specializing in sales and marketing consulting, our goals are to help your business increase sales and profitability.

Ralph Dipiero
Sales & Marketing Consulting Services
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Ethical Bottled Water
Social Responsible Water
Rainforest Preservation Water

Every Bottle You Buy Preserves Rainforest Land

Ralph Dipiero RDP Solutions LLC

Cuipo makes rainforest preservation fun, effective and easy. This great tasting mineral water uses bottles made with recycled plastic from beverage containers.

The company preserves 1 square meter of prime rainforest land from deforestation with each bottle sold.

Ralph and Natalie Dipiero are investors and sales representatives for Cuipo Water, LLC.

Help save the Rainforest and get some great tasting water.
Contact Ralph and Natalie Dipiero about selling Cuipo Water in your store or if you would like to buy some.

Call (480) 239-8333

e-mail: rdp@dipierosolutions.com

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Ralph Dipiero RDP Solutions LLC

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